Greater Manchester Football News


GMCSFA are pleased to be heading towards the 2015 / 16 Schools' Football Season with a new Structure in place, which is designed to enhance our young peoples Schools' football experience.  Over the summer months we have been working very hard revamping our processes and systems, in order that, we can meet the challenges ahead and now we wish to take this opportunity for all our Districts, Schools, Staff, volunteers, and our young people to really get involved with our new exciting Schools football programme. 

Greater Manchester have created the first ever cross curriculum initiative for PE Departments and Schools' sports websites were each District / School now has a dedicated web page were reports and photos can be published. View live league fixtures, tables and competitions.  It’s easy to do! - Contact your District County School representative(s) to find out more.... 

 Can your PE School teacher engage, motive and inspire our young people to be sport writers?

 Calling all Schoolteachers – Does your school have the next Martin Samuel, David Walsh or even Henry Winter?

 So....  GMCSFA are calling upon all Schools to get involved, aspiring and mentoring our young people to be budding journalists or sports writers. How to get involved?

 Calling all students, are you interested in sport?  

 GMCSFA are searching for aspiring budding journalists or sports writers that would like to be involved in writing County / District / School match reports that can be published on our School or County webpage.   

 Maybe, you have a film or photograph that you wish to share.  Maybe your School would be interested in recording matches or creating a short video for us to upload?

 Also, would your art students like to spend time designing, producing banners to support their team or music students write a song to be played at matches?

 Our football community competitions are events for every school and young person to be involved with, to create opportunities for students to show their support for each other across the board. 

 We are inviting all District / Schools to really support your District / School teams by publishing short stories about Schools’ sports which in turn will show the world what County / District Schools' football competitions are all about.